What is the stock market or Share Market in Tamil

If you have seen the news, you may have heard many times that the stock market is high (what is the stock market in Hindi), but how does it work?

How to start it? Today everyone is finding ways to make money. Who does not know the importance of money in life.

We cannot find a good life without money and at the same time we cannot complete our work without it. Well there are many ways to make money. Since childhood,

We study to create a better life. After that some people do jobs or jobs. Some people take the path of business to make money in their life. Join our course about options trading course in tamil.

In this post, we will learn about how to invest in the stock market and how to buy and sell stocks online. So we know what is the guide to start without delay and work in the stock market.

What is the stock market | What is Share Market in Tamil.

The stock market is a market in which the shares of various companies are bought and sold. This is like any other public market where people go and work to buy and sell shares. Its work is no longer limited to offline, but is now online as well.

There was a time when technology was not so advanced and stocks were bought and sold through oral auctions. But now all the work of the stock market and the stock exchange is done by computers connected to the stock market network.

Today, people do all the work of the stock market using the internet, sitting at home. Wherever you are in the world, you can work in the stock market.

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Today, the people who do the work of buying and selling from it do not even recognize each other.

Nowadays, if you have money, people value you. Everyone wants a comfortable life and strives for everything. Even though we have to fulfill our dreams it is still needed.

Here we will talk about different ways to make money. You will continue to ask about the way we are going to talk about it.

Through movies, television and the news, we often learn that big companies sell their shares. Sometimes the stock price goes up, sometimes it goes down.

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What is the stock market

This is where companies publish their shares in the market to buy and sell to the public. This gives companies the opportunity to buy a share in their business.

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By whom we buy we become a partner of that company. Fluctuations in the price of any stock depend on the position of the company.

The stock market makes money in a very short period of time, but it is also a fact that money can easily sink into this market. It is all based on the fluctuations in the business and the business of the company.

How to invest in the stock market

You have to understand a little bit about it. So let us now know how to invest in this market?

Look, many people know how to make money by investing in it, but very few people know how to invest in it? You will also find information about this in this post.

A stockbroker is needed to invest. You cannot go directly to invest in it. It is important to have a stockbroker to buy and sell any stock,Because if you are an investor it takes you to this market.

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You need to understand the importance of a stockbroker, but above all how does a stockbroker help us to invest? So for this, you first need to find a stockbroker.

In the market, you will find a lot of brokers like Zeroda, Sherkon, Angel Broking, ICICI Direct. When you contact them, you will open an account for them,

This way you can invest in it. The accounts required for the investment are listed below.

  1. Demat account
  2. Trading account

When you open both these accounts through a stockbroker, you can start buying and selling your shares from then on.

Before investing in the market, you need to get information about it. You can get many scams like this, which will eat up your money. So before you put money anywhere,

Get complete information about that company. Check the reputation and credibility of the company.

Now a question comes to your mind as to how much money is required to invest at least. Initially, its knowledge was not enough. That is why many such questions come to the minds of the people. Let us know the answer to this.

No rules were used to make a minimum investment in the market. At least you will have to invest so much money.

You can buy stocks worth $ 1 to invest and buy as many stocks as you want to invest up to a maximum. By the way, it is very important to choose a good stockbroker to invest in the market.

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Brokers also charge brokerage fees to trade in the market, so choose them keeping in mind their service and fees.

Note -: Now you already understand what a stock market is and how to get started. If you work it carefully, you can make good money in a very short time.

You also understand what is the most important thing to keep in mind before buying stocks in the market online. If you follow these Tamil-mentioned stock market tips well, you can do it to the fullest.

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