Market Vibes: Committed to Excellence in Financial Literacy and Transformation for 5+ Years!
Experience live investment sessions and personalized guidance from a NISM certified research analyst. Gain real-time insights and practical skills to confidently navigate the stock market. Secure your financial future today!
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Market Vibes: Committed to Excellence in Financial Literacy and Transformation for 5+ Years!

Stock Market Fundamentals: A Practical Guide

This course provides a structured, practical introduction to stock market investing. Learn the essential skills to select the right stocks and build a strong foundation in stock market basics.

Mastering Options Trading: Strategies for Quick Profits

This module offers a step-by-step guide to building a solid foundation for investing and trading in options contracts, focusing on fast profit opportunities.

Advanced Options Trading: Strategies and Indicators

This module enhances confidence in short-term trades, covering detailed futures and options trading. Learn 8 key indicators and strategies for both upward and downward market movements. Gain practical experience through live market training to confidently trade by the module’s end.

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Business Professionals

Retired Employees

Self Employed Persons

Working Professionals

Course Outcome

Introduction to Financial Markets

Understanding the Indian Stock Market

Psychological Approach about Stock Market Trading & Investment

How you can use Market Vibes strategy

Unveiling the Secrets behind double digit Returns from your Investment

How to apply our course insights for lifetime Investments

Why Market vibes

Interactive Smart Classroom Sessions

Individual Doubt Clearance

DEMAT Account Creation and User interface explanation

Real-Time online experience in Stock Market Investment​

Subject expert teaching and mentoring

Post Course completion support

Our Course Director
K. Lokesh Krish
  • 5+ years of Professional Experience in the Indian Capital Market.
  • NISM -Certified Trainer (Series XV – Research Analyst)
  • Masters in Business Administration and Financial Management.
  • Certified Professional by Indian Institute of Banking and Finance.
  • Professional Work Experience as a Chief Promoter in NBFC and Cooperative Sector.
  • Practicing Consultant for a select group of Investors.
  • NSE Certified Professional.
  • Intern – CRTA (Certification in Research, trading & Advisory) By NSE 

Stock Market Investments Course for Beginners

DAY 1: Basics of Share Market

Duration: 52 minutes & 13 seconds
stock market for beginners in tamil video
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